Project Description

“How to look at movement”, at simple and complex movements . What do I see? Why do I see what I see and what not? How can I use my observation more specifically in movement teaching, dance teaching, therapy etc.? This is a practical workshop about observing movement and how to apply this to your work. It actually includes some of the most important principles of my work and I think if people can apply what they learn in this course, the quality of their work will increase a lot. Ca. 2-3 hours (but could be longer!), needs space!

Goals: to understand and become aware about how we observe movement, about habits and automatisms and how to loose them, gaining so a much more powerful tool for movement analysis. Helps also to learn to see different causes for “similar” problems. Useful for all sorts of therapists, dance teachers and dancers, music teachers and musicians (bring instruments!), sports people and trainers, basically for all people who work with their or others bodies.