Project Description

Neck problems: Different causes, connections with the rest of the body. Different symptoms connected to the neck and their approach.

About 60-90 minutes of theory and a practical part with some simple examination tests and talking about the clients history and what that can tell us

Goals: to learn about the many possible causes for neck problems and how to approach them in a more specific way. Good for everyone who works with patients.

These workshops can be taught individually or as a complete training (the last includes an introduction lecture and a concluding lecture). If you have other suggestions or questions, I’m open to create workshops around that. Most of the workshops listed above where created after being asked specific questions!

Prices: I usually take € 200.- per hour of workshop, plus travel costs and lodging. I can offer to do single treatments in the remaining time of the days. They are 60 min. each and cost € 140.- per treatment.