Project Description

Craniomandibular dysfunctions (CMD) and their connections with the rest of the body.
CMD is a common cause for headaches, cervical and lumbar problems, cervicobrachialgia (“I always wake up with my hands and arms in pain or tingling”) and other problems!

Anatomical and physiological/neurological theory and explanations. Mouth guards /

What is that? Different kinds of mouth guards. The role of the tongue.

Long practical part with extensive teaching and practising of a specific but simple examination scheme (recommended by the German Society of Manual Medicine), consisting of 4 tests, plus a few exercises for the craniomandibular muscles.

About 5 hours plus breaks; it could be an entire day, because it is lots of material!

Goals: to give knowledge of this relatively common condition; to make you able to suspect or even recognise clear primary CMD problems; to teach simple exercises for the relaxation of the jaw. As a side effect this workshop also shows very clearly how the “same” problem in the body can be caused by many different origins. Very useful for all therapists and trainers, but also for dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, MDs! Needs space and, if possible, more than one treatment/massage tables (in a Pilates studio we can use the Cadillacs!)